High Priestess of Avandra


Cordelia is the ambitious new high priestess of Avandra in the City of Aesor. Since she was chosen as high priestess five years ago, she has worked tirelessly to expand the cult of Avandra and open new temples across the city. She is well respected among her following for her drive and energy, and is known as an effective leader because she manages a fine balance between kindness and accessibility on the one hand and firm strength on the other. Her projects have included commissioning new art and artifacts for the temples, expanded proselytizing (particularly to the city’s youth), building new temples across the city, recruiting dozens of new priests, and regular travel to new ports around the Tranquil Sea.

Cordelia is an attractive human woman in her early thirties. She keeps her long blond hair partially braided in an elaborately nonchalant style and dresses in simple comfortable finery of the latest fashion. A decorative gold coin on a long necklace officially denotes her position as high priestess, but it is her bearing more than any symbol that marks Cordelia as a woman of authority.



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