Wessen is the common name for the civilized region that lies to the north of the Tranquil Sea. It is bounded by the Weald to the east, the Felling Heights to the north, and the Camari Wilds to the west.

Geographic Regions

The Heartlands

The Heartlands comprise the vast, fertile breadbasket of Wessen. Stretching from the Felling Heights in the north toward the Tranquil Sea, the Heartlands consists of gently rolling fields crisscrossed with a network of rivers. After the great coastal cities, the Heartlands are the most densely populated region of Wessen.


Alashar is a spit of land at the end of the Arden Reach that lies at the juncture of the Castrian and Tranquil Seas. Its location makes it the center of maritime trade in Wessen. Alashar boasts numerous large and fabulously wealthy cities, and it is considered by many to be the center of the civilized world.


The Creel lies between the Castrian Sea and a line of mountains made up of the Arden Reach and the Felling Heights. The land is rougher and less fertile than in the Heartlands, and more prone to droughts and frosts.


Castria is separated from the rest of Wessen by the narrow Castrian Sea. It shares a southern border with Ruath, but culturally identifies with Wessen.

The Lowlands

The Lowlands are a long stretch of coast along the north edge of the Tranquil Sea. The land slopes gently down to the water, giving way to endless mud flats, estuaries, and marshlands that constantly shift with the tides. Dealing with the sea is a constant challenge for Lowlanders, but the area is also fabulously fertile, and the many navigable rivers that carry grain ships from the Heartlands are a source of great profit.

The Felling Heights

The Felling Heights are a long stretch of steep mountains and alpine plains that form the northern edge of the Heartlands.

The Osterian Peninsula

The Osterian Peninsula protects the calm waters of the Tranquil Sea from the storms and turbulence of the Great Ocean. The peninsula consists of a rough and broken mountain range that extends in most places straight down to the water, making settlement difficult. The mountainous shore of Ruath lies across a narrow straight filled with rocky crags, a passage known to sailors as The Jaws.


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