Avandra is the goddess of change and luck.

She is a popular deity.

She is favored by travelers, explorers, adventurers, and any others who make their living through a combination of luck and skill.

Followers of Avandra recognize that change is inevitable, and that it is each individual’s responsibility to make change for the better. Avandra favors those who take risks and work hard to help themselves with good luck. The Lady’s ways may seem fickle to the unfaithful, for by her nature the support she gives is uncertain in all particulars. She encourages her followers to take joy in uncertainty.


Each temple of Avandra is its own independent operation with its own clergy, and each temple reflects the tastes of its high priestess or priest. There is no hierarchy beyond the structure of a temple, and within a given temple, power structures tend to be informal and horizontal. Initiation into the priesthood is not a complicated process, and there are few rituals or ceremonies beyond good food shared with good company.


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