Kingdom of Riba

The Kingdom of Riba is an old and well-established feudal monarchy comprising the northeastern heartlands of Wessen.

Riba’s principal strength lies in its abundance of fertile farmland, which makes it a breadbasket that feeds the rest of Wessen.

The nobility of Riba can all claim long lineages, and hold substantial privileges. There is a fair amount of infighting and vying for position among the nobility.

Riba is bordered on the east by a vast and rugged wilderness known as the Weald, a Fae realm home to sprites and monsters and with no known end. During times of peace, the various eastern nobles have slowly carved out pockets of the Weald to expand their holdings. The Eastern Holdings, as they are known, are rough and pioneering places which must face the ever-present dangers that come with living on the edge of the Weald.

For the past 40 years, Riba has been embroiled in a long and bloody war to defend their land against the invading northern Kingdom of the Andyr. The war has taken its toll on the kingdom, and the rule of law has slipped over the course of the conflict as fighting men from all over the kingdom have been drawn northward by the war effort.

Political Map


The Royal Family

King Renault III has held the throne of Riba for 25 years. He was crowned in the middle of the great northern war and has spent his entire reign fighting the Kingdom of the Andyr. Recently, rumor has it that Renault has fallen ill and lies on his sick bed at his court in Ritten.

Crown Prince Harding is a valiant military commander who has spent most of this adult life coordinating the war effort against the Kingdom of the Andyr. He is King Renault’s second son and heir (Harding’s older brother died in the war). He is 29 and married but has no children.

Princess Aelina is King Renault’s daughter. She is married to a wealthy Miran lord named Renzo and they have two young children.

Lady Susanna is King Renault’s niece, and is married to Duke Demure.

Lady Tess is King Renault’s niece and Susanna’s sister. She is married to a Lowland’s lord and isn’t involved in affairs at court.

Lady Melissa is King Renault’s sister and the mother of Duke Thrush. She is an old widow who spends her time at the family estate.

Duke Dendren is King Renault’s cousin once removed.

Duke Timerond is King Renault’s cousin. Despite his seniority over Dendren, Timerond is one step behind Dendren in the line of succession.

Peerage of Riba

  • Duke Dendren, who holds lands in the south of Riba
  • Duke Demure, who holds lands in the southeast of Riba, including the Eastern Holdings
    • Lord Aren, Baron of the Eastern Holdings
    • Lord Palmer
  • Duke Timerond, who holds lands in the central portion of Riba
  • Duke Thrush, who holds lands in the west
    • Lord Marcos de’Rohl, who holds lands in the Rohl Valley, along the western border with the Kingdom of Orr
  • Duke Melbor, who holds lands in the northeast. He is renowned for his military experience and is the front-line commander of Riba’s army.

Kingdom of Riba

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