Kingdom of the Andyr

The Kingdom of the Andyr is a relatively new power on the political stage of Wessen.


The Kingdom of Andyr is located among the peaks and plateaus of the Felling Heights. This rocky environment is rough and unforgiving, and the people have to work hard to avoid going hungry. The little land that is good for agriculture is located on highland plateaus, each of which is the jealously guarded territory of a local warlord. Much of the region’s food comes from herding.


The area under the control of the Kingdom of Andyr consists of strong and individualistic holdings dominated by local warlords and princes. Local ties are strong and deeply rooted, and there is little national identity among the Andyr. The country is held together by a militant feudalism, but local rulers possess enormous autonomy to set and enforce laws within their own domains.

The Andyr are fighters, and theirs is an honor culture where individual strength and reputation are carefully cultivated to establish one’s place in the world. Slights and insults are likely to be repaid with blood, and feuds between families or clans can be infamous.

The Andyr have coexisted with orc tribes that share the northern reaches of the Felling Heights since the area was first inhabited by humans. The orcs share a similar warrior honor culture, and conflicts between human and orc tribes are common, with both sides accepting the arrangement as part of the way of life in the Heights. Because of their close contact and similar cultural values, the High Kings of Andyr have routinely struck deals with orcish warlords to gain orcish assistance in their wars.

Warriors from the Felling Heights raid the foothills and outlying towns of the Kingdom of Riba as often as they can get away with it. There is a long history of tension between these mountain raiders and the people of Riba, but the lords of the southern kingdom have learned on several occasions that there is little to be gained from chasing these raiders into the mountains.


High King Woldren united the tribal holdings and petty kingdoms of the Felling Heights over 300 years ago. At this time, the ancient dwarven state of Arnheim ruled over the heights, and commanded tribute from the divided human tribes and petty kingdoms. Woldren challenged the authority of Arnheim when he united the holdings, and refused the dwarves’ demands of tributes. In the ensuing war, the fledgling Andyr empire was able to hold its ground against the dwarves until eventually a peace was reached where trade terms were negotiated in place of tribute. In the ensuing decades, Andyr grew rapidly to unite all of the Felling Heights.

The high kings of Andyr have always been known for their ambition, and so it was that High King Torvald sought to claim that mightiest of northern cities, Arnheim itself 150 years ago. There is much in the way of legend surrounding the assault of Arnheim. It is said that Torvald struck a deal with the Cinder Bank in exchange for Arnheim’s hoard. Equipped with devastating siege weapons, and supported from the air by a red dragon, the host of ferocious northern warriors and their orc allies stormed the mountain fortress and broke its defenses. The dwarf king was thrown from the mountain, and the dwarven rule of Arnheim came to an end.

Since then, Andyr has controlled the source of trade with the Broken Dwarven Clans. It has grown strong and rich on dwarven steel, and developed a military to challenge the established kingdoms of Wessen. 40 years ago, another Andyr king decided to do exactly that when he led an invasion force into the heartlands of Riba to claim its fertile farmland for himself.

The Andyr today are known for their ferocious heavy infantry, equipped with the best steel dwarven craft can produce. They are allies of the orcs, and often fight alongside them in battle. Certain elite Andyr soldiers ride trained hippogriffs, a mount well suited to the highland plateaus and chasms of the Felling Heights.

Kingdom of the Andyr

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